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International Cat Show in Forli, October 10, 2021

International Cat show  in Forli, October,10, 2021

Ivy Britgrace, british shorthair cream 5 months old - Ex.1, Nominathion Best, BEST in SHOW, 2 BEST of BEST kitten and 3° place RING kittens

J'adore Britgrace, british shorthair blue cream bicolor 4 months old - Ex.1, Nomination BEST in show

Fiordaliso Britgrace, british shorthair blue tortie - Ex.1,CAC, BEST in Variety and 2° place in RING adult cats

Aysha Symbol of Zhanna, british shorthair lilac tortie bicolor - Ex.1, Nomination BEST in show, 3°CAC and now she is  CHAMPION.