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CH Mauritio Wonderfleur

Mauritio 1British male, BSHc

Date of born: 18.04.2012

Father: SC Xmas merry Holiday Wonderfleur 

Mother: IC Victory Wonderfleur

We are very grateful to Anna Strokan, a Wonderfleur cattery breeder, for this British Shorthair male.

Mauritio is a descendant of the best English lines, a son of the Supreme Champion and a grandson of European Champions. He is a powerful, big British Shorthair with a broad chest and a gorgeous coat, smart, curious, and extremely sensitive.

Mauritio is very attached to me—always at my side, watches all my actions, never missing an opportunity to rub his head against me or touch me with his paw. He also has a very expressive look and voice.

He gave us wonderful kittens. You can look at Mauritio’s kittens on the Photo page.

At the shows, he was always nervous, and used to come home terribly depressed, so we decided not to put him under too much stress. He ended his show career having achieved the Champion title.

Now our Mauritio has been neutered, and enjoys a peaceful, careless life by our side.