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Beatrice v.Armani

Beatrice 0British female, BSHa

Born date: 15.03.2011

Father: WCH Maneblussers Armani

Mother: IC Augustina Blue Dams

Beatrice is a blue British Shorthair female of Belgian origin, and there are excellent European lines in her pedigree.

Beatrice stands out for her elegance and delicate beauty. Looking at this cat, you immediately notice her amazing bright copper eyes, short thick coat, and a typical British smile.

and a round head.  He has an excellent profile, big eyes, short thick light blue coat, and a unique look of surprise on his face...

We are very grateful to Natalya for this wonderful girl – our ballerina as we called her for her light footsteps and grace.

Beatrice was a caring mother. She did not only to raise her own children but also helped other cats to care for theirs. She gave us only five kittens, but they were all exceptionally beautiful. You can see Beatrice’s kittens on the Photo page.

Unfortunately, we had to neuter her because she had a difficult delivery.

Now our Beatrice is neutered and lives in Torino. We found her a loving owner who treats her like a princess. Noemi, we cannot thank you enough for your love and care for this cat.