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Leonard Britgrace*IT

Leonard Britgrace british shortahair

British Shorthair cream bicolor

Gen. ticked; Longhair N/N 

Blood type  B

PKD negative parents

HCM/ PKD ultrasound examination negative

Test FIV/FeLV: Negative

Sire: CH Chopin Britgrace*IT

Dam: CH Aysha Symbol of Zhanna*RU



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British cream bicolor  Gatto british shorthair 
NOMINATION Nomination               

Leonard is a gorgeous british shorthair, grandson from our Gr.Int.Champion Archibald Britgrace. He has been selected not only for his physical characteristics but also for his fantastic temper. In a fact, besides being a beautiful cat, he is an extremely sweet and loving cat who has an ability to transfer his temper to the kittens.  


Leonard is father of wonderful british shorthair kittens.
Check the pictures of some of them. 

 Fedora Lucia, cream bicolor kitten at 4 months, lives in Belgium  
 Nikolay, british shorthair blue boy at 5 months, lives in Brazil                                          

Cucciola british shortahair bicolor    kitten british shorthair blue

Mr.Norrisbritish blue kitten at 4 months, lives in Germany     
Ivy, british cream girl at 5 months, stays with us                                                                     

           british kitten cream expo  British shorthair blue cucciolo
Guendachocolate tortie bicolor baby girl at 4 weeks, lives in Italy     
Figaro, blue british shorthair kitten
 at 10 weeks, lives in Italy

Cucciola tricolore chocholate      kitten british blue

Iris, british shorthair cream girl at 3 months, lives in Malta     
Ophelia, blue tortie bicolor baby girl at 16 weeks, lives in France

british shorthair cream    blue tortie bicolor british kitten                            

Felippe Botero, blue bicolor kitten at 3 months, lives in Italy
Grace Kelly
blue tortie bicolor girl at 8 weeks, leves in Belgium

cucciolo british bicolor     british shorthair tricolor

 Shiro, lilac tortie bicolor baby girl at 3 weeks, lives in France   
 Thomas Rocco,blue british shorthair kitten at 2 months, lives in Italy

cucciolo british lilac tortie bicolor         cucciolo british shortahair blu                         

Othello e Opelia, british shorthair bicolor kittens at 4 weeks
Othello, cream bicolor kitten at 2 months, lives in Italy

british shorthair kittens    british cucciolo cream bicolore

Josephine, chocolate tortie baby girl at 6 weeks, lives in France
Ilver, british shorthair lilac bicolor boy at 4 months

chocolate tortie british shortahair kitten   cucciolo british lilac bicolore