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Windymeadow English Rose*UK

English rose 1

Breed: British Shorthair

Colour: Blue (BSHa)

Born in the United Kingdom on 26/04/2014

Blood type: A

PKD,HCM: negative

FIV/FeLV: negative

Father: Anne’s Bradleyblue v. Wernerwald*DE

Mother: Windymeadow Serena Wiliams*UK

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She came to us from the West of England, from the famous Windymeadow cattery. Her pedigree is a perfect combination of the unrivalled British line Coppins and European line Wernerwald.

With a weight of about 6 kg, English Rose is a very big female cat. This cat has great breeding qualities, a compact muscular body with short legs, a broad chest, a round head, a strong chin, and a light blue coat of great structure.

She immediately got used to her new home. An affectionate, gentle girl able to openly show her emotions and claiming constant attention, she effortlessly won our hearts. Rose became a caring, loving mother for her firstborns, filling our house with warmth and kindness.

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Windymeadow English RoseWindymeadow English RoseWindymeadow English Rose