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Our british shorthair kittens live with us, surrounded with constant care and attention. They are used to hands from the very young age, and so have a friendly character. We pay great attention to building a kitten’s character in order to ensure its peace of mind. Nutrition is also greatly important to us. Our kittens eat only balanced natural food of the highest quality. Therefore, they move only to those families where they are guaranteed to have attention and care they are used to. 

In the pedigrees of our kittens are the names of only the best catteries in the history of British Shorthair breeding. Rest assured—your kitten not only meets the British breed standard but has a true British character.

Our kittens move to new families at the age of 3.5 months with a strong enough immune system and a developed character. Before moving to a new home, all the kittens undergo a veterinary inspection in order to confirm their good health condition. Our kittens have a pedigree, a health book with the vaccination log, a contract, and copies of the PKD and FIV/FeLV tests of the parents.The new owner receives a copy certifying that the kitten's parents have been HCM and PKD negative tested ( ecorenal and ecocardio)

Of course, we are always happy to share useful information, give advice on care for a British Shorthair kitten, and answer all your questions. New kitten owners can always count on our support and help.

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