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The British Shorthair has amazingly perfect proportions—it is a strong and healthy animal, with a powerful chest, a muscular body, short strong legs, well-developed shoulders and hips, and a big round head... Some people call the British Shorthair a bulldog among cat breeds. Of course, you won’t have to constantly watch armchairs and couches for the fear of crushing a small fragile animal. A British Shorthair male weighs 6-8 kg on average, and the weight of a British Shorthair female may reach 4-5 kg. However, you should be patient to see your British Shorthair in all its glory as this breed is rather slow to develop—the British Shorthair becomes fully mature only at the age of three. Adult male cats have the so called “cheeks” formed which distinguish them from female cats.

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The British Shorthair lives an average of 14-18 years, but this breed has also had its centenarians that lived for 25-30 years.

This cat is also notable for its strong nervous system, a great deal of personality, and its independence. It has a remarkable ability to be virtually invisible but likes to play with children and feels itself a full-fledged family member. Quiet, with refined manners, it won’t scratch furniture or bite even if it gets scared or angry.

 Looking at this cat, you will be amazed by a mysterious expression on his round face... Only the British Shorthair can “smile”. It is this “smile” of the Cheshire cat that distinguishes it from other breeds.

This cat is an aristocrat with appropriate refined manners—proud and with a strong sense of dignity even under extraordinary circumstances.

This is a cat that becomes a little lazy with age; it does not like to be held often, and allows to stroke and pet itself only when it wants to. Despite its independent character, it can openly show its emotions, letting you know that it is time to play or pet it.

Trying to call it like any other cat (“here, kitty-kitty”) would be the greatest insult. Do not expect it to run to you: on the contrary, it will pretend not to hear you—the British Shorthair responds only to its name.

The British Shorthair is notable for its extraordinary intelligence and unique personality. Compared to other breeds, this cat is the smartest. It can even be called a “cat-dog” as it likes to play the way dogs play: if you throw it a small ball, it will catch the ball flying, bring it back, and wait for a new throw; it will ask to throw the ball farther and bring it back again. This cat does not need training; it can do anything... if it wants to. It understands what you want from it very clearly, but when it is not in the mood, it pretends not to. 

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This is a very sensitive cat—it is able to understand your state of mind, and will rejoice and grieve with you. In a family with the British Shorthair, the atmosphere is always bright. All family members become more calm and confident. The British Shorthair also has a positive effect on your health, your blood pressure will normalise, stress will disappear... in a word, those who live with the British Shorthair live longer and better.

This is a very affectionate cat, it loves its masters, enjoys playing with children and dogs – it is really a perfect faithful friend to anybody.

The British Shorthair is also notable for its strong health; it requires minimal care. It is very sociable by nature, and if it feels lack of love or attention, and stays alone for a long time, it can become sad and depressed.