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British shorthair cats. BRITGRACE cattery

Welcome to our website! We cannot wait to introduce our wonderful cats to you, and we hope that they will certainly touch you feelings! 

British shorthair blue tortie Britgrace

It all started with our love for cats, and in particular for the British Shorthair - unsurpassed in beauty, health and character

There is no need to explain how much we love our cats...

Our whole life revolves around our British Shorthairs, and there is nothing more important to us than their health and well-being. Our cats live with us, surrounded with love and care; they play and run around the house without any restrictions... and each newly born baby is being raised with love and as the one and only, worthy of the very best of hands.

Our cats are tested for the absence of the main genetic diseases, CHM and PKD and are under the observation of experienced veterinarians. We pay great attention to nutrition of the cats in order to strengthen their immune system.

Our FIFE and WCF registred cattery prefix is BritGrace.

Our stud cats are brought from the best catteries, are noted for their beauty, meet the British Shorthair breed standard, and are of an affectionate and playful nature.

cuccioli british shorthair con bambina

Our mission is to breed beautiful and healthy british shorthair cats that conform to the breed standard. We regulary attend cats show to ensure that we are fulfulling this aspiration.

The most important to us is the kittens’ temperament. Our british shorthair kittens are raised as members of our family; from a very early age, they are used to hands and affection, and, thanks to our love and care, they grow up healthy and happy, and ready to take a place in your home and in your heart.

Nadia and Paolo